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LASIK (Laser Vision Correction) Services in Woodbridge, Vaughan

Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (aka LASIK) makes use of an excimer laser's precision to change the form of the cornea. In doing so, the way light is refracted or concentrated by the eye is modified, making contact lenses or glasses unnecessary.

LASIK enhances sight accurately and safely by reforming the cornea to improve myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Sight is enhanced quickly, and many patients at some point obtain perfect vision or better, post-treatment.

There are aspects of LASIK that make it superior to other refractive surgical procedures. These include minimal or zero post-operative discomfort, sudden improvement of sight, and the likelihood of returning to work the next day. Many patients do not need corrective eyewear, post-surgery (but patients older than 45 years might sometimes require glasses to read things).

We provide blade-free LASIK and conventional microkeratome LASIK. Book an appointment with us to determine if you're a LASIK candidate. It won't be long before you get rid of your contact lenses or glasses and enjoy the liberation that comes with clear sight.

As an alternative to conventional LASIK, the bladeless-LASIK procedure creates a narrow corneal flap and modifies sight with high-frequency pulses. Patients can have their astigmatism and nearsightedness improved. They will obtain clear sight and better focus thanks to the reformation of the cornea.

For those who want to enhance their eyesight, this procedure is ideal. Your doctor will determine if you're a good for the Bladeless-LASIK procedure once he or she assesses your overall health, in addition to your eyes.

Bladeless-LASIK Advantages

In comparison to the conventional LASIK procedure and other kinds of refractive surgery, Bladeless-LASIK aids patients in getting clear sight safely and fast. The results come with the following advantages:

Photorefractive Keratectomy

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is a reliable and safe laser vision correction procedure. Prior to LASIK, PRK was the process most often used for refractive surgery. Similar to LASIK, it reforms the cornea to enhance sight. These days, PRK is mostly used for patients with thin corneas or big pupils.

Laser eye surgery can be a very effective solution for many people, and Dr. Abrams takes the time to ensure his patients receive the facts they need to make an informed decision, before proceeding to the next step. We treat child and adult patients from Vaughan, Woodbridge, Concord, and Claireville.