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Frames - Designer Eyewear Boutique

Our Woodbridge optical boutique has an extensive collection of finely crafted designer frames from an assortment of reputable suppliers. Our eye glasses collection consists of eyewear from top designers you are sure to know, including Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada, Coach and more. All our frames have an unlimited warranty for one year.

Our knowledgable and friendly staff will help you find the frames that are right for you. Please come in for a visit.

A lot of patients feel uncomfortable with the geekiness of prescribed glasses. A few opt out for sunglasses on special occasions or some use contact lenses. For patients who tear up easily or are uncomfortable with using contact lenses, it becomes a problem to keep up with the latest trend or "slay outfits".

One solution to these whole "nerdy geeky" situation is the use of designer eyeglasses.

Designer frames and shaped lenses are created to give eyeglasses users a comfortable time while yet still maintaining good health status. Customize your eyeglasses according to personal taste and fashion sense.

With over a thousand frames in stock, a visit to Dr. Abrams will be one to remember and cherish. Frames are chosen according to client taste to match clothes, outfits, days of the week and even weather or holiday seasons. Photochromic lens is available for clients looking for a sunshade option and yet choose to stay in the line of safety and health. The choice is a hundred percent left to the preference of patients and glasses are of adequate standard materials built to last and effectively protect and correct eye defect.

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