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Medical Treatment of Eye Diseasesin Woodbridge, Vaughan

Numerous eye diseases result in loss of sight. The older you get, the higher the odds of you developing blindness. The most typical culprits of mild-to-extreme sight loss are glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.


Cataracts stemming from aging are the main cause of blindness worldwide. Cataracts develop when the naturally transparent liquid inside the lens of your eye gets thick and cloudy.

This can lead to gradual sight loss. Your sight can be restored by Dr. Abrams via cataract surgery -a procedure that entails replacing your natural eye lens with a replica intraocular lens (IOL).

Typical cataracts symptoms include:


Glaucoma can come about by genetics or aging and is created by an uncontrolled accumulation of pressure, which leads to blockage inside your eye. At some point, the stress results in loss of vision. A common glaucoma treatment is prescription eye drops. However, Dr. Abrams` also provides glaucoma surgery options to alleviate your eye pressure and stop more damage from happening to your sight.

Glaucoma symptoms might include:

Macular Degeneration

The macula, which is the middle of your eye, can fall apart as you get older, leading to vision loss and blurring. There are a couple of types of macular degeneration: wet and dry. Dry macular degeneration might be triggered by macular tissue that has gradually lost its thickness, which can result in a slow loss of your sight. Wet macular degeneration is more extreme in comparison as it produces new blood vessels beneath your retina that leak blood and fluid into your eye, resulting in permanent sight impairment. Laser surgery and medications are used to treat macular degeneration.

Symptoms may include:


Your well-being might be detrimentally affected by diabetes, including your eye health. You're more inclined to progressively lose your sight the longer you have diabetes. Slowly, blood vessels situated behind your retina get damaged and result in diabetic retinopathy. You have a higher risk of sight loss as you age regardless if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Surgery, blood sugar regulation, and medication are used to treat diabetic retinopathy.

Symptoms can include:

There are several eye conditions and diseases that can inhibit your vision gradually. As such, it's vital to see Dr. Abrams for routine eye exams to find the symptoms and signs ahead of time. Our board-certified ophthalmologist provides a variety of surgical choices and treatments for several sight impairments.

Should an eye disease be detected, Dr. Abrams has the ability to prescribe and directly treat many conditions. In addition, he has established a network of skilled eye care professionals who specialize in all other aspects of eye disease treatment. Generally, this allows his patients to receive timely attention to all their medical needs.

Where surgery is required, Dr. Abrams can not only provide referrals, but also pre and post operative care.

If you have been diagnosed with an eye disease or are enduring vision loss, contact us today to book an eye exam. We can be reached at 905.850.2400. Dr. Abrams serves patients across the GTA, including Vaughan, Woodbridge, Concord, and Claireville.