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Contact Lenses Woodbridge

Studies show that over 68% of all contact lens wearers suffer from unnecessary discomfort or serious complication if fitted or misused. In this regard, professional guidance or consultation required in ensuring maximum safety of your eyes.

Did you know that you have the right to have your contact (and glasses) prescription copied so that you can shop around for eyewear? For that you can contact - Dr Abrams!

Dr Abrams, the pioneer and practitioner of most advance contact lens technology, gives you the best possible solution to all your contact lenses issues. He has extensive experience in fitting daily disposables, astigmatic, bifocal and gas permeable contact lenses designs.

We always strive to take great care of your eyes with our finest quality contact lenses to ensure the best comfort and excellent vision.

How to Get Prescribed Contact Lens

Are you sick and tired wearing those bulky frames to see at a distance, or you find yourself in trouble with your existing lenses? If you have any question related to contact lenses and looking for expert advice in Woodbridge Vaughn, here are things you should have known:

Gather All Necessary Information

Many patients won't be able to express their inside out to obtain the right prescription from their doctors. So, it's better to take previous prescriptions, and tests result with you (if any) to aid the doctor with your entire eye history and get the best-prescribed solution instantly.

The Nearest Ophthalmologist

Your eyes are magnificent yet sensitive organ of your body, which need special attention - If your eyes start to itch or give you troubles, then you should immediately pay a visit to nearest Ophthalmologist.

Dr Brain Abrams provides quality eye-care treatment with an accurate diagnosis of the problem leading towards the most suitable contact lens for the patient.

The Clinic opens Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 Pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.

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